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    "Madam, I am here."Liao learns a soldier to lightly smile a dynasty, he beckons with the hand. The Smith madam has very satisfied the beautiful environment to take to the Vinaceous Rosefinch street, she indeed as expected took a novel to come to newspaperman and exchanged greeting several periods one cup Hey Hey at, 2 people chatted British writing, the thing of unfortunately old Liao to the foreign country is completely ignorant, elaborate severals with the foundation knowledge winning language material in the senior high school, gossiped irresponsibly in 《red and black 》s household the relation between teacher and hostess Lonzo Ball Ucla Jersey, then elaborate the background in Mid-Autumn Festival, try to drag along the madam's way of thinking to traditional culture in China to come up. The coffee shop in afternoon has no how much guest, the indoor is very quiet, they soft-voiced confabulation, the atmosphere is very harmonious, Liao learns a soldier the most unwilling talk a work in the coffee break, but the madam then want to enjoy this afternoon, 2 people didn't mention a half word in school. Hide the trousers cellular phone in the Dou vibrated for a while, seeing the frequency was a south the younger brother delivers of news, say so that they have already welled set out, wait president to appear. Liao learns a soldier secretly handle knob to stretch bottom in the table president to make a phone call, then immediately hang up----This is that they invite good secret password early in the morning-----Immediately after make origins and symbolic significance in traditional culture of head the deep red lantern that change direction a window to outside intend to discuss those to hang in the under the eaves expecting the view of guiding the madam with smoothly. "Execuse me, I last bathroom", madam stands up to say, what?Is exactly that the turning point audience isn't present?Shunt in case of 2 people, in times before of with meticulous care layout equaled to waste an effort, Liao's learning a soldier to search a bowel belly don't can mutually figure out as well what Sou the idea procrastinate time and helplessly looking at her to leave seat. The opposite grove inside has already started to stand one personal shadow dynasty Bruce horse's coffee shop walk, Liao learns a soldier greatly urgently, the favour stirs to talk on the phone to him, but the president think little Liao at urges him at once in the past Michael Jordan North Carolina Jersey, stretcheses into the Dou hangs up telephone to continue male Jiu Jiu in high spirits of walk forward, seeing will arrive a person to go a horizontal way. "Walk so urgently, beware of to there is a car bumping to die you!"Old Liao scolds a way, the reflection of glass act wall fallen by thousand, the president can not see everything in the coffee shop and think that old Liao has already controled situation, walking faster of anxious fire Liao, again is a concussion again is strain. In misery of unusually lucky, the green light walked, the car flows to shuttle if knit, separate president the another part in the Vinaceous Rosefinch street, the traffic lights cuts over once in 30 seconds, Liao's learning a soldier to have to pray a madam isn't a constipation, can work out a problem in 30. Have been able to see a southern younger brother through the glass, leaf small white and the autumn squat down in the tree foot to smoke, 3 people didn't know what, the facial expression what stuffs and helpless, see the good words that the appearance can't be great Kua hooligan's eldest brother, either.The city of the north is small white Long Ye Xiao white often the crotch of trousers of Nao Nao, action learned Liao to learn a soldier is hundred percent, south the younger brother indeed as expected still dyed one flamboyant silvery hair, a fold the penknife turns around in the hand, need not special explaination, the other people know on seeing to is a rascal, the Vinaceous Rosefinch street Ding Ding the car absolute being of the huge licks a root candy stick Michael Jordan Unc Jersey, the eye pupil son is old to clean up toward the beauty skirt bottom passing by. Several take Si to mix here of spoil to steal to recognize a hooligan's triumvirate to incredibly and together gather a , make a detour but go in succession, an overlord's mendicant that dresses up as blind person in the neighborhood immediately curls up straw mat and breaks a porcelain bowl the slippery feet slip away, with they three for circle, the radius of about 500 meters, became currently the scope of the Vinaceous Rosefinch most safe street. Where is the idea ?Old Liao and then search to go together with the leading lady of drama with president in the crowd, that beverage auto sells machine side often with south younger brother's vision opposite beautiful looks young girl, tiny take the facial expression of one silk excitement, should be south the younger brother's girl friend?Space Zi short skirt, blue cloth athletic shoes, the cartoon embroiders to spend small socks, the beautiful legs is high, spread a noodles performance, the range estimation at least has the chest of F cover cup, really be enough ordering, afraid the old president forbid not to live temptation to shift the love to another person. Is 30 have been already led, the president across can not lead to open, old Liao quickly stands up significant wave hand, let him send back to wait for he next time signal, but can not help glass reflection, return because the president is guilty don't dare to see toward one eye in the coffee shop, basically don't discover old Liao's signal. The leaf small white has already legendarily discovers old headman of wearing the shallow blue grain western dressed and starts to prepare to start acting in succession. The president of the idiocy, Smith's madam is urinating Paul Pierce Kansas Jersey, never excite, hasn't your audience appeared. Imitate the God in the Buddha as in to hear Liao learn a soldier of say the prayers, probably see in the treasure clear temples burn one more pillar joss-stick, finally received interest this year, the Smith madam is from the bathroom in come out, Liao learns a soldier to immediately call a way:"Madam, this cup coffee drinks well!" Smith's madam is like the mother whom the kid calls, smiled to walk to pass by in quick time. Connect London of big origin the clock walk of also have no so quasi-, the madam just sat down, south younger brother a person held tight the handbag of his girl friend, his girl friend then matched with to loudly cry for help to shout, several people pull and push, the autumn took advantage of an opportunity Kai oil, the Han wears south younger brother, Ma Zi,'s face Yin says with smile:"Beauty plays with the elder brothers." There were gradually 23 loiterers to stand by with folded arms Vince Carter Unc Jersey, but had no who don't help that pitiful girl a , 4 people nothing important acting skill, act not smooth, the facial expression is dry and hard, very aside the person didn't expect them in the performance and could not saw clearly naturally. "Liao, that girl seems to be very dangerous, she needs help."Smith's madam takes out a telephone to prepare to stir a dozen of numbers of police station. "Etc., madam, I go out to save her."Liao learns a soldier to have to the action of stopping the madam, " today Mid-Autumn Festival holiday in the police station, turning on duty a personnel may could not take out time to arrive to very much and wait them of time, perhaps that girl has already been taken by the rascal."Setting up for to look for the weapon that can fight is a second for a second that sees the bottom see, being the meaning that didn't start, attempting to procrastinate time, dragging along on old Liao. "Bastard!All give me away with it!!"Yuan if a bolt from the blue of a suddenly and violently drink, a man's awe-inspiring that is lain to the middle age and the old age stood out. The south younger brother breath a sigh of relief on the whole, the old headman doesn't appear again, autumn will the handle knob stretched the chest of girl friend to go to, although this girl is front two geniuses lately bubble start of nothing important feelings foundation, own can of Ma Zi how does the others permitting try to usurp? "You this helps rascal, in broad daylight under flirt a woman of good family Zion Williamson Duke Jersey, what a scandal?"President according to in advance weaving good stage dialogue crustily the skin of head continue to keep on playing, this kind of taste is really a bit embarrassed. "!Is a president!"Liao learns a soldier to pretend call way, " Mr. president's seeming is teaching those rascals." Smith's madam has no message of reply and silently looking at the mishap of window places street occurrence. "Ao old man, don't busybodies, otherwise our Tong die you!"Leaf the small white is very depressed, set up for a color fierce inside backing of Chi one step, if someone's file was horizontal at ordinary times, he also put blood for the other party, needless hypocritically threat. "Have skill you the Tong die right away I!"President righteously of standing and standing chest:"The rascals release that girl,you have no a Mi to reduce to accept of heart?You don't know our own behavior has already violated human rights and violate law?Are you so young,want to spend the second half generation son in the prison building?I advise your the endless sea of tribulations, repentance is salvation, early lay up your slanting have an evil mind to read, turn over a new leaf, early get a freshman!"

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